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Skintervention Guide

What is Liz Wolfe’s Skintervention Guide? The make up very important for women. Every women are using chemicals in order to be beautifull. Okey there is no problem, but after make up you have to clean your skin. Liz Wolfe’s Skintervention Guide is answering that “How to have clear skin natuarally way?” All of us know that what is natural way. Vegatables, fruits, water. But what is the formula. How can i use all of this stuff. 100 or 10 cc? 2 glass of water or 1 glass of water? We dont know, at least we didn’ know.

Why Skintervention Guide

liz wolfe's skintervention guide

Liz Wolfe

Let’s start at the beginning. Think like this. You have a company which producing cosmetics and selling them. What will you do? Your budget is big and you can publish advertisement on the TV, Radio and internet. Or your distibutors are showing your product at their shop. Your selling is going good. What is the next step? You should be in complementary product sector like clean skin products. I mean do and clean with one companies product. This is incredible market. After that you will sell your products at other countries. Look at the picture? What happened? You have labratories, development people, stock price etc. There is a lot of expense for your company. You should decrease your expense, so you couldn’t “Natural material”. You have to be automatic, fabrication products. But you cant say to customer ” My products isn’t natural, we are producing them in our labrotories”. You will say ” %100 natural”. Is it? I don’t think so. You will get more money and you will pur your advertisement on the TV and Radio.

But “Liz Wolfe’s Skintervention Guide” is just e-book which is explain “how to have clean skin” in natural way. There is no expense for her. Because Liz Wolfe searched, wrote and published e-book. No advertisement, no stock, no shipping, no employee etc. And she is giving the formula. The customers are reading and apply. Simple and cheap

For example you bought a box with your skin care. Did you read Contains? Let’s say you read it. Did you understand anything. There is some words ” dehydracolic aldehit, e-345 catalizor, %1 toxic clean etc.” So what are you using on your face? On the other hand Liz Wolfe’ guide is very clean and simple

Skintervention Guide Review

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